Our Company


AIDAI is a social enterprise venture featuring the designs of a young, innovative and extremely talented woman from Kyrgyzstan, Aidai Asangulova. The project is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Vista 360º, a US based non-profit founded in 2004 to promote social enterprises in mountain regions around the world, and High Design Inc., both based in Jackson, Wyoming. This effort represents the next generation of creative enterprises designed to benefit artisans and their communities in the developing world. As a design company, we are focused on creative products, often one-of-a-kind, of the highest possible quality.

Our goal is to contribute to sustainable small business development in the world’s poorest regions by providing access to customers throughout the world. Succesful small business development is a crucial element for stable economic development. Without partnerships, mountain communities remain isolated, leaving small businesses without access to international markets. We are dedicated to helping AIDAI have access to these markets and capital in the United States and beyond, and create opportunities, through partnership, which would otherwise not be available to a start up in Kyrgyzstan.

When you purchase one of AIDAI’s designs, you are joining a global partnership of people who believe in reaching across boundaries, the power of women working together and the inspiration of beautiful things. Our partnership is on the leading edge of a worldwide movement utilizing creative products to connect and mobilize communities across economic and cultural barriers through innovative and sustainable design for mutual benefit – primarily the eradication of poverty in developing nations.

The guiding belief of this project is that creativity is a valuable natural resource and should be treated as such: cultivated, protected and used wisely.