We are establishing a network of women who believe in supporting creativity around the world. This network give us direct access to a variety of resources including product placement, presentation venues, celebrity placement and pop up store locations in the US and abroad. Members of the network share their skills and talents in a variety of ways. One woman in our network, Melinda Binks, is a professional videographer who is helping us to create videos about AIDAI for both customers and potential investors.

At present, our core team consists of Aidai herself, Candra Day (Executive Director, Vista 360), Nona Yehia (Architect, E/Ye Design and project manager, High Design Inc.), Saxon Koch (Project Manager, High Design Inc.) Polina Zivert (Kyrgyz project Manager).

Want to become part of our network? Consider organizing an AIDAI trunk show for you and your friends! Email us at info@aidai-design.com for more information.